Cold Hard Truth is back with 'Deliver The Fear'

UK's heaviest, Cold Hard Truth, are back with Deliver The Fear - 11 tracks filled with hate, revenge and no pity for your sorry ass. The release date is 30.01.10 but you can pre-order this shit here and listen to one of the new songs here.

That's some heavy shit. Cold Hard Truth bounces everything... it sounds like a fuckin big ass bulldog is standing behind the mic singing and this time there really is one standing behind it. The riffs and drums sound like the punisher is shitting bombs filled with testosteron. Pelbu (Knuckeldust and Bun dem Out) is featured on 2 Tracks.


01. trust in few
02. twenty yard hero
03. bound by blood
04. deliver the fear
05. cycles of suffering
06. die hard... or die harder
07. enemy down
08. more enemys than friends
09. telephone tough guy
10. punisher
11. cold hard killer