Drama's German tour

Spanish act Drama is doing a German tour this month so be sure to check them out when you get a chance. See the dates after the jump.

"DRAMA is a hardcore metal band based (featuring the ladies who run CLITOCORE fanzine and BORN TO HATE's guitarrist) on BARCELONA-SPAIN. We are working on our second 7inch coming out next febraury 2010 and we are doing some promo stuff for that and our coming tour around Germany on febraury. So me and my bandmates would be appreacite if you can help us publishing on your site about our new record and the tour, cause i see you do a great labour and support to the hc scene. If you need further info about the band, just ask us! On our myspace you can check out tunes, videos, pics and our download link of our debut 7" "Creación Destructiva"."