Fullback 89

It's amazing that I just cannot get tired of bands like this one - it's just pure hardcore, nothing more nothing less. Fullback 89 takes you back down the memory lane when it was all about circle pits and sing alongs and having fun!

It's amazing that I just cannot get tired of bands like this one - it's just pure hardcore, nothing more nothing less. Fullback 89 takes you back down the memory lane when it was all about circle pits and sing alongs and having fun!

You guys have just released your debut recordings so I guess many people would like to know more about you. Could you tell us how Fullback 89 started? What was the reason to form a hardcore band?

We are FULLBACK 89 from Valencia Spain repressenting the back to the roots hardcore. We started in the winter of 2008, while talking in our drummer's record shop with some friends about the idea of starting a new band focused on the sound and the ideas we grow up with, which is classic nyhc the old way. We were already involved in other bands in the past like Ownfight, Social Combat, also in record labels like Backside, fanzines, etc... But we decided it was time to get the 4 old friends together, and make an old school band.

So how would you describe Start From A Scratch to someone who haven’t heard it before? 

It's hard, rought, agressive mid tempo HARDCORE. We are not great musicians but we do it with our hearts, and I think that is reflected in our sound. You can feel the fury, many choruses...

We know it’s deeply rooted in classic hardcore sound, but what bands in particular had the biggest influence on your songwriting?

That's a hard question, actually I can't find a band to describe our sound or the way we write the songs. We grow up listening to bands like the Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Antidote, Negative Approach, Icemen and things like that. Maybe some of our sound comes from there.

Do you think that the lyrics and the message in hardcore are of the same importance as the music?

Sure we think so, you know, when I was younger, I remember listening to everysong and checking absolutely every fucking lirycs. At that age, you are under the influence of many things, and when you are into hardcore that's where you learn your values. It doesnt mean that all your songs must have a message, sometimes they are only about things that you like, or situations you have lived... you know what i mean...

Although your debut EP has been released on a physical format, you’re ok with people downloading it for free and even posted a download link on your Myspace profile. I like this type of attitude. Do you feel it’s a good way to go for a band like yours or are you regretting it already? 

You are right, we have released our first ep START FROM SCRATCH on a limited edition of 500 vinyls 7"s. We are all into vinyl and record collection, so we had to put it out on vinyl. But we know that most of the people doesn´t even own a record player, and also we know that the kids now a days download for free the music. We don't give a shit about money, because we know we will never get any money by playing hardcore, so we just want our recordings to be listened by the most people possible. So everybody is welcome to download it for free. In case someone likes it and want to support the band they always can get in touch to buy us a record or ask their distros around.

You guys are true to the old ways of playing hardcore. Is it more important to respect the traditions of the style, or it’s rather about pushing the genre's boundaries? Is there a way to achieve a balance between progression and tradition?

Thats something that a lot of people is asking us, we find important to pay respect to the roots and play the way it was done back in the days, but we respect all new styles that emerged later, we like many different styles, even if we play old school.

So what is your definition of real hardcore sound? 

I don't think there's only one truth, you know what I mean, everyone can have a feeling about it, for me , personally, it's fast and aggresive music done by the working class with a positive message. When I say positive doesnt mean "straight edge", that's something personal. I am talking about a life based on building up, not destroying...

And apart from music, what hardcore lifestyle means to you? Is it about politics, friendship, pride or something totally else?

I believe for all of us hardcore has been a way of life, we spent more than 20 years involved in the scene and for example, for me, it's the only way. Sure friendship, pride and things like that are importat. You must have pride in yourself and what you have, what you do ... But the most important value is Respect. Politics are for politicians, we preffer the word "ethics" insted of politics.

So you guys are not here for the kids but for their girlfriends haha Do you get many groupies playing in hardcore band?

Haha, that's just a fucking joke we wrote on our myspace band bio.And its fucking far from reality, no groupies at all in our shows...too bad...haha

Spain have been hit pretty badly by the still ongoing economical turmoil. Has it affected any one of you personally? Is it harder for you to make ends meet nowadays?

Yes man, you are fucking right, fortunatelly we all had jobs and keep it, but lots and lots of our friends, families, etc.. lost their jobs and are in a fucking bad situation. People can't pay their bills and are loosing their houses....We really hope things change soon

What kind of stuff are you guys listening to now?

I will speak for myself ( Ivan-Singer) I have been listening latelly to bands like The Mongoloids, Downpresser, The Rival mob, Violation, Rotting out, Backtrack, Fire and Ice, Alpha and Omega... Lot's of stuff...

The most important questions of them all – Boston or New York? Or maybe LA?

If you ask me, I would say NY, but if you ask our bass player...I think he wouldn't say that...haha...we have talk about it so many times while having a beer... Let's say that both cities had fucking great bands,and we love them all. About LA, there's a lot of new bands emerging from that area latelly that I personally love, as you can see in the other question...

And if you could make out with Lady Gaga or Elton John, who would it be? 

C'mon man, what a question... I think Gaga could fit so well on our cd covers...haha... but we don't like any of them... i think it would be better if they make it out between them...

What are the future plans for the band?

First of all we want to release another 7" with 3 songs that couldn't be release in our debut, they belong to the same recodings sessions. Also we have plans of reconding an lp at the end of this summer, so far we have already a few new tracks and we are working on writing new material. We want to find as well a good label for us, and i dont mean a Major or some kind of a big label, but someone who shows interest in what we do and have the same passion as we have on our music. Last but not least we would like to thank dloggi for this interview and congratulate him for the good job he's doing with HARDBOILED. Thanxs to everybody and see you in the pit!!!

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