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Nunca Mas started out in the late 90's as one of the first bands in Guadalajara, Mexico mixing hardcore attitude with metal riffs. Read the interview where the band sheds some light on how the hardcore and life in general in Mexico is like.

Nunca Mas started out in the late 90's as one of the first bands in Guadalajara, Mexico mixing hardcore attitude with metal riffs. Read the interview where the band sheds some light on how the hardcore and life in general in Mexico is like.

How do you feel about We The Outcast when it finally came out? What has been theresponse so far?

The album is finally out! We composed the album thinking about the possibility to be heard not just in Mexico but in other world wide hardcore scenes, that’s why this time we used the English language. We’d like to show kids in other countries our point of view concerning things that are happening in Mexico.
The edition isn’t big, only 500 copies, we know the best distribution nowadays is through internet. If someone is interested in having a copy, you can send us an e-mail or check it out on also through some distros around the world, check out for more info.

It seems the lyrics are an important part of your music. What are some of the topics you speak about on the new album?

We talk about the hardcore scene, pride, being strong in this world (you know, topics that make hardcore what it is). It’s also important for us to express our opinion against racist ideas, religious and moral fanaticism, politics of control imposed by the government and commercial empires, people who are forced to work as slaves throughout the world or people that try to escape from Mexico and nearby countries crossing the border.

As you said, your previous album was more metal influenced, while the new one is acomeback to more traditional form of hardcore. What was the reason for the change of style?

Yes, well, we are metal lovers, metal has always been an important part of our sound. We went through a period when we only had three members in the band, this forced us to play more like a trio metal band, especially in live shows. Now we have two friends that joined Nunca Mas’ lineup, Antonio Saucedo from INVICTUS MANEO (RIP) and VENGANCE IS MINE and Rafael Raygoza.
The fact is that we have never been a traditional hardcore band or an old school hardcore band, it’s more like we grew up listening NYHC and the 90’s new school hardcore like Integrity, Earth Crisis, Strife, One King Down, Final Exit, Purusam, Refused and those kinds of bands, so 15 years later, it’s funny, we refer to our influences as “old hardcore”.
Anyway, we really love oldschool hardcore, but NUNCA MAS has been since it started a hardcore/metal band.

For those who are not familiar with Nunca Mas, could you please introduce yourself and tell some basic facts everybody should know about the band?

Nunca Mas is: Gabriel Ochoa- vocals and music writer (also guitar in ANTES DE MORIR), Humberto Lopez- drummer, Tina Godoy- bass, Antonio Saucedo- guitar, Rafael Raygoza- guitar. We’re all old guys around our 30’s now, except Rafael who is the young blood in the band and is 20 years old.
We’ve got an entire commitment with hardcore, we give all we got with all our hearts and that’s what’s it’s about for us.

You guys have been around since the 90’s. What was the hardcore scene in Mexico back in the days? How do you think it has changed since then?

I think it’s a world phenomenon, you know, back in those days there were only a few bands around, it was easy to get to know each other, organize shows, tours, and have a good time. Now there are a lot of bands playing all around, some great new bands, others sound just the same, and more with these new tendencies parallel to hardcore called deathcore or whatever.
The scene is good, almost any hardcore band can get a good show in different cities throughout Mexico, not so big but around 100 to 400 people, depending on the band.

So what do you think about the state of Mexican hardcore nowadays? What are some of the bands you would recommend?

It’s pretty cool, I sincerely recommend bands from our city (Guadalajara) such as ANTES DE MORIR, MATA LEAO, REAL, SANTA FAMILIA, from Tijuana NUESTRA SANGRE and THE UPRISING A.D., from Hermosillo GRITO, from Monterrey VENGANCE IS MINE, FIGHTBACK, FURENS, LAST BULLET, ALGUNA VEZ FUI CIEGO, from Mexico City DRIVE BY, DESPUES DEL ODIO, SANGRE DE INOCENTES, UNDERSTAND, from Queretaro SOLDIER and VEINTICUATRO-SIETE.
That’s only to name a few, if you have time I’m sure you can find a lot of more good hardcore bands from Mexico.

What are some of the major problems you have to face when running a band in Mexico?

Well, we don’t have known labels, big booking agencies, managers or big distribution companies and our mail service is really bad and expensive. Bands do their own things, as best they can, a lot of times with their own money. Bands have to deal directly with independent promoters, with no contracts or guarantees. It’s difficult to hook up a venue, because if it’s for concerts they’re very big and expensive, and if it’s small, for sure it’s a bar, where the public- including underage attendants- is expected to drink if you are planning to be able to do shows there again--- this is all really hard to deal with.

On your song writing and when you come up new ideas, do you go through some kind of ritual or do they just come to you?

It just comes to us, nothing special, practice is the best inspiration.

Could you tell us something about living in Mexico. Most of the time when your country makes international press it’s about corrupted politicians or criminal activity. Do things like that have any impact on ordinary citizens and what do you think are some of the worst problems in Mexico?

Yes, narco war, emerging diseases, corrupted politicians it’s our everyday bread, the important thing here is not to be afraid or ignore the problem. Be proactive; never be indifferent upon an unjust situation, don’t be afraid to say something about it. It’s like “somebody” wants to us be scared all the time, but I can say that people around me live ordinary lives, work, have families, study, you know--- life. Everybody sooner or later can be presented with a difficult situation, that’s why we have friends and family. Don’t be afraid to visit us.

Do you think hardcore in Mexico can a be a positive force to show the kids that there’s more to life than this bullshit and to keep them away from problems?

Yes, that is one of the best things we can express in hardcore, use your brain, stay away from stupid things but be conscious of the situation, be smarter than the majority, take initiative and have a clear perception of reality. United we’re strong, right?

When it’s all said and done what do you want to be remembered for the most?

A band’s musical goal is to send out a message of optimism, be who you are, have faith that there is a solution for problems that arise in life.

Thanks for taking your time to do this. Any last comments?

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