Bulldog Courage - From Heartache To Hatred

The band have been making plenty of noise in recent months with this release and that is sure to continue. Top quality shines throughout all of the tracks and the moment album opener ‘Where I've Been’ hits you know this album gonna be dope.

Reminiscent of classic hardcore acts like Madball, Agnostic Front or Blood For Blood, they add a lot of punk rock flavor to their sound at times sounding like Combat 84 or Last Resort would sound if they went hardcore. It’s got a pretty beefy sound and all of the songs are filled with fury, authenticity and testosterone. Breakdowns, sing alongs, circle pit parts – everything is here. Every time I put this album on play it just grabs me by the ear and demands me to play over and over again. Along with that come some of the brutally honest lyrics I’ve heard in a while in hardcore. The lyrical element isvicious, powerful and moving. Forget about all the petty bullshit numerous bands have been feeding you for years, Bulldog Courage deals strictly with real life themes and is not for the weak of heart. Crew, family and tattoos - this album is one of those rare gems that can make you realize what hardcore is really about.

“From Heartache To Hatred” has all the punch and impact a power-packed hardcore album should. It is listenable from front to back and there’s no weak track here. Drop everything and go listen to this, I guarantee satisfaction.

Author: Dloogi
Label:Thorp Records
Year: 2009

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