Feet First - Heaven Home Hell out 20.03.10 on Demons Run Amok

It is the year 2010 and it is time for Feet First to bring themselves to the next level. They hit the famous Hidden Planet Studio in Berlin to record their debut full length called “Heaven Home Hell” on Demons Run Amok Entertainment.
The results are 11 tracks of metallic hardcore with a strong message and lyrics in English as well as in German.
Their comeback includes guest appearance from Kevin “End of Days”, Jogges "Empowerment", Matthi “Nasty” and Christian from “United and Strong”. Expect raw shit they dealin’ with and be as safe as houses to see them on their upcoming shows. The official release date is the 20/03/2010.

PACKAGE Deal includes the new album, Heaven Home Hell, and a Feet First T-shirt in limited quantities! You can order your copy through webshop www.demonsrunamok.de or buy it at your local Distro/Mailorder!