Oppugno - Oppugno

Being familiar with the band’s previous effort, I can’t say that this new album came as a surprise. Although, even with thefirst listening I could tell they made a progress when it comes both to song writing and musical skills. The meat of their music is still heavy, crunchy hardcore that falls somewhere between Hatebreed, Born From Pain and Merauder, but this time it all sounds more fresh and moving then before.

The fast parts got faster and in the result, breakdowns sound much more powerful. Daniel, the man on the mic here, is doing a great work here, his deliverance sounding aggressive and convincing. Overall, this time Oppugno managed to pour more emotions into their sound, and I’m talking the proper hardcore emotions like anger or hatred not some lousy ass whining about losing a girlfriend or shit like that. I can’t say much about the lyrics since they’re all sung in Spanish and there’s no English translation but there’s a deeper meaning to them since there’s a quote from Michael Bakunin, Francesc Ferrer or Yosana Akiko to all of them. This selection of names should give you a hint what Oppugno are all about.Overall, the album has a solid replay value and will keep you wanting more.

Author: Dloogi
Label:Cruzade Records
Year: 2010

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