Stand United

Mosh obsessed hardcore coming from Iowa. Angry vocals, breakdowns that go hard and tight rhythm section is what to be expected of them. If you're fan of this type of stuff, this might be a treat.

Name: Stand United

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Active since: Summer 2008

How do you define your overall style? 
Straight Edge Mosh!

What’s your goal with this band? 
We have many goals, we add new ones and check old ones off the list all the time. It started out, that we wanted to play some solid shows in our area, then tour, then get signed. So we'll see what's next!

What do you have recorded so far? 
We have put out 2 demos and we are currently in the process of recording our debut full length.

How did you all meet and how long have you all been a band? 
We all met through the Des Moines hardcore scene, the current lineup has only been around for 2 months.

Who are your influences? 
The Acacia Strain, Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead, Too Pure To Die, Throwdown, Terror, & First Blood all directly influence our sound.

Is everybody in the band straight edge? 

And does it come across in your music?

How did you get involved in the SxE lifestyle personally? 
Listening to heavy music, and a lot of the bands we were listening to and looked up to were straight edge bands.

What was so special about it that appealed to you? 
What made straight edge so special to us was that the bands we were listening to were so in your face about it, which made it super easy to look up to bands like that.

What’s happening with hardcore scene in Iowa? 
It's starting to get better again, new bands are starting every week it seems like. It's reshaping into something good.

What can we expect from you guys in the future? 
We have really big news coming soon, keep posted @

Thanks so much for your time. Any final words for the people out there? 
2010 is gonna be the year of SU, keep a look out for us!

Check out the band at Myspace