Una Vida / Monsieur Po - Split

This CD is the first time I have a chance to hear both bands that are featured here. First part of it belongs to Spanish owned Una Vida. Their style can be described as a heavy old school hardcore with some new school influences.

They sound promising, but they’re not yet there. Although well executed, their music is too predictable in my opinion. They got some good ideas, but they need to step their game up and add some more power to their sound. The production is just right for this type of hardcore. This split is their first official release and it’s a decent start, but these guys have a long way to go.

Monsieur Po ante things up a little bit displaying more metallic approach. The tempo is diverse and on the whole the band is good at varying the music. They’ve got a good thrashy vibe now and then. There’s no shortage of fast parts but there are lots of breakdowns in the songs as well. I like the production, it’s dirty but still fat and meaty. I am definitely down for checking their next recordings.

While I wasn't blown away by this record, I can certainly appreciate good work both bands are displaying here

Author: Dloogi
Label:Cruzade Records
Year: 2010

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