Human Demise - The Odditorium

Human Demise brings us their new album and they are here to blow us away with some of the most powerful tunes I’ve heard lately. I like their mentality on this album – ne time is wasted on bullshit, the band is getting straight to the point from the first notes. The moment the first song busts out of the speakers you can feel the music coming at your neck and it never lets go.

The overall feeling of the album is somewhere between brutality and darkness. Comparisons have been made between Human Demise and names like Ringworm or Integrity and it’s not far from the truth. Too much of a good thing can be a curse, and that also goes for the whole Holy Terror trend we’ve beet witnessing lately. One can’t deny that it gave us a lot of dope bands that really know how to do this shit right, but it also spawned bunch of copycats that are just lame and silly. Luckily, if you look at Human Demise in this way, they definitely fall into the first group and hold their own in this crowded scene. While they do have a lot in common with Cleveland sound, somehow they also manage to have a style that’s all their own. From creative but heavy guitar riffs and solos, to intense drumming and sick vocals, every piece come together flawlessly. A lot of good things can be said about the vocals. I think Maurice is doing a great job here, putting a lot of emotions in every line he spits. Much of the albums grasp can be credited to him.

It’s good to see this band getting better and better with every release. Their sound is richer and songs more complex, but at the same time they still know how to hit it where it hurts.

Author: Dloogi
Label:WTF Records
Year: 2010

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