Setback - Unfinished Business

For those who don’t know, Setback play fast-paced and crunchy hardcore with all the respect to the traditional NYHC sound. The bans have been around since 1991 and this is just their second full length.

Mixing streetwise oriented attitude with an even more aggressive sonic impact makes this album a great come back. The music is pretty much straight forward with nice built ups and breakdowns. They’ve got knack for catchy tunes and bring energy to any track. The production is raw yet clear. This reminds me a little bit of new Killing Time in a way they mix the solid hardcore base with a touch of punk rock, lyrically delivering the real hard working life attitude that had been missing for far too long in hardcore. Whether they speak out about experiences of living in the city or get political with songs like Client 9 dealing with corrupted politicians and big corporations. It’s the type of shit every hard working man can relate to.

Bottom line is, this is a type of band that don't care about anybody and anything and if you don't like it, you can fuck yourself. Unfinished Business is nothing revolutionary, but still a type of album that makes you forget all the bullshit and realize why you loved hardcore.

Author: Dloogi
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Year: 2009

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