Let It Burn to release Final Prayer discography

Final Prayer will release "Best of Times" on Let it Burn Records July 7, 2010. This early discography CD contains Final Prayer’s debut album “Right Here Right Now”, their sold out split-releases with Alcatraz and Crisis Never ends, their unreleased first demo and a great cover song. 20 songs in total.

Felix / Final Prayer:
"'Best of Times' first and foremost documents the band's early history: From the humble beginnings, aka the demo days, to two split releases, to the first album. Second, with the demo and the split releases being long out of print, seeing copies of our demo being sold for stupid amounts of money on Ebay not only made us wish we had kept some somewhere, but also made it a necessity to make these songs accessible again for a fair price. And furthermore this release hopefully serves as a thank you to all the people who have supported us from day one and continue to this day: Mathias from Our World rec., Rene Punchline, Marcel from Demons Run Amok, Chris from Let it Burn and all the people that asked us countless times about how to get copies of said releases. In retrospect we'd probably change a lot about some of the songs (if we could), but didn't Scott V. from Terror scream "no shame, no regrets" in all of our faces? There you go! Enjoy."

Chris / Let it Burn:
"In all these years we’ve been running this label now we’ve never seen a band grow so rapidly like Final Prayer. They never lacked of self-confidence and one can say that they knew what they’ve been doing right from the start. But at the time we signed them we didn’t expect at all that they would grow such a huge and dedicated fanbase in such a short time. Go to a hardcore show and you can be sure to see at least 10 kids with a Final Prayer shirt (If Terror or Hatebreed is playing you can easily quadruple the number, hahaha!) Looking back at the last 6 years now I know what the plain and simple dodge is: Not giving a fuck. I hardly ever met such a straightforward no-nonsense band who did their own thing in such an adamant and confident way. It was & is a great pleasure to work with Final Prayer."