Resilient hail from Lima, OH and have just released split CD with Bodycheck. They hold their own when it comes to writing slick and heavy hardcore songs with an dark and emotional touch.

Band’s name: Resilient

Location: Lima, Ohio

Active since: August of 2009

How do you define your overall style?

Hardcore with influences such as thrash metal and punk.

What’s your goal with this band?

To keep making songs, releasing them, playing shows, and just having fun with everything we put ourselves into.

What do you have recorded so far?

A five song demo we recorded in the summer of 2009 and the five songs on the Bodycheck/Resilient split.

Who is who in the band and how did Resilient come about?

Addison on vocals, Ryan on drums, Danny on bass, and Kurtis and Cory on
guitar. It all started with Ryan and Kurtis making songs together slowly for a
few months and then we picked up Addison and Danny together sometime in August of
2009. We've known them for many years so it wasn't tough at all. We've been in
bands with each other before so we had no problem getting in sync with each other.
We played a few good shows together as a four piece and then we picked up our
good friend Cory in March after he moved back from New Mexico. We've also known him for a while and he's really talented, so he learned all the songs in practically no time.

Could you please tell us a little about the split you’re doing with Bodycheck? How did you hook up with them?

-We first got the idea after we played a show with Bodycheck in Marion, Indiana. They liked our set and asked us to record a split with them. And we agreed of
course. We recorded the songs back in January with Geoff Montgomery from the
Ensomberoom in Fort Wayne. We've recently gotten our artwork finished by Adam Sidwell, the brother of Bodycheck's drummer. Now we're working on sending it in to our dudes Grey and Dan at Midwestern Decline so they print 500 copies on CD.

How would you describe the music on your side of the split?

Not as "tough" or "masculine" as Bodycheck, that's for sure. We don't really know exactly how to describe our songs. Our demo and our split recordings are different styles, so we're always changing our style a little with each and every new song. These recordings, we'd consider them to be dark, groovy, and gloomy.

I’m really liking the lyrics for the new songs. What/who are your inspirations when writing?

The lyrics that I (Addie) have written for Resilient are mostly things I've written before but never had the chance to say through music. I write what I am thinking most of the time.

How did you get into the hardcore scene? What was it that made you follow this lifestyle?

It's different for every member. We had shows in Lima sometimes when we
were younger and getting interested in that music drives you to look into it more. That's what happened to us.

What’s the hardcore scene like in Ohio nowadays? What are some other bands from over there you feel everybody should give a try?

In our area, there aren't many hardcore bands. There are a lot of good bands though. If you are trying to listen to bands from the Western Ohio area, you should listen to Pizza Hi-Five and Drunk Surgeon (Grindcore from Lima) and Hookerspitwindex (Grindcore from Dayton) and Disconnected (Hardcore from Toledo). Our guitarist Cory is also playing guitar for a band called The Mighty Morphin' Methheads. They are a super fast punk band. They should have some music coming soon.

What are your plans for the future?

Touring, full length in the process, and maybe more splits. We are happy with our music but always want to progress. We're always looking for ways to tweak the bolts and make our songs tighter and better. Hopefully, we'll still be around each other long enough to really develop our music into something greater.

Anything you would like to add?

Bands come and bands go. Never count on someone else to "revive" the scene and bring
shows around the area. Go out and talk to bands and venues and keep hardcore going. Put forth an effort and have fun doing it. Don't trust record labels and big business, DIY till I die. Check up later because we're releasing a three way split with Hinder and Buckcherry. It's gonna be DOPE!

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