Seekers Of The Truth - 2 Decades Shunning Masks

I have to be honest – last time I heard Seekers Of The Truth was on „The Nightmare Remains…” compilation about 10 years ago and as far as I remember I liked it. Since then, I haven’t kept a track of what’s been going on with this French band and now it turns out they’re celebrating 20 years of existence with this album.
Seekers Of The Truth might be not the most known group off the French scene, but they’ve been doing their thing for quite a time and this album proves they’re still good at it. I've been jamming this album everyday in my car for the last week and I have to say that they still go strong with an old school sound filled with gang vocals, memorable hooks and powerful vocals. With 20 years under their belt, band knows how to match aggressiveness and melody. Musically, they remind me of bands like Sick Of It Al or Shutdown but I wouldn’t say they sound exactly the same. They have parts made for sick circle pits, but from time to time they get heavier. There are 20 tracks in here but they pack their music with enough life and energy to keep it interesting from start to finish. There are moments here that are totally passable, it would be hard to avoid with such an amount of music, but luckily they’re few and far between. Overall, the band is not crossing any boundaries, but they simply deliver good and honest hardcore. Give it a try if you’re into old school sound!

Author: Dloogi
Label: Disagree Records
Year: 2009

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