Spider Crew - Expect The Unexpected

Love them or hate them, Spider Crew are back and they’re still doing their thing. On Expect The Unexpected music is tied to the style band developed on their previous outputs, but at the same time they updated their sound with some fresh ideas.
They definitely have this streetcore sound down quite well and sound comfortable in this league. . The first thing I noticed is that it sounds heavier than their previous albums and I like it that way. Spider Crew is not just copying Agnostic Front riffs, but making this type of music in their own style of NYHC sound. There’s something about their music that when you hear it, you immediately know it’s them. A type of album you listen to it that immediately paints a picture in your head of you fucking the shit up at their live show. From catchy choruses to breakdowns, they keep the energy level steadily high. This is raging and straight forward hardcore with catchy hooks and aggressive vocals. On the production side, thinks are looking better than ever, with raw yet clear sound, making it easy to hear what's going on. I know this is not an album for everybody but if you’re feeling like doing some damage to public property on the Saturday night, this is just a perfect soundtrack.

Author: Dloogi
Label: Superhero/Swell Creek Records
Year: 2009

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