Through This Defiance - Hostility Towards the Opposition

So - one day about 6 weeks ago, i wandered to Skare Tactic's page to see what they are up to and i got directed Through This Defiance. I would not say their is a fluid exchange, but of the same ilk. The whole shared family/ex-current members incestuous feel of Donnybrook/Blood Stands Still/Skare Tactic. Despite the formal connections to the latter, i hear Folsom's sound all over this. Not just the music, but the vocal style, subkect matter, and delivery. If you enjoy any of these bands - you will dig this (not quite the thick metal of BSS, or speed and fury of ST; but it all sounds similar.
Specifics? MidTempo beatdown core. This shit is to get the kids moving on the floor. Chest pounds, pointed finger, stage dives and high fives - and that was just me alone in my room! This is pissed off. heavy, brutal hardcore with that LA street attitude. I do like how they forgo that image - and have that more social aspect in their imagery and name.

To sum up - mostly mid-tempo, high kicking beatdowns. Some songs step it up with faster beats - a great flow and balance between the songs. Double bass creeps in the fray to accompany pummeling riffs that lead to some of the best breakdowns i have heard in a while. Vocals are mostly speak words of street, the system, snake-ass liars, and the crew.

This has been getting constant play from me. Check out "How I'm Livin" & "Still Deceived" for extra heavy, thicker metal vibe; "One Life..." & "Another One..." for that bounce; "Time to Shine", "Generation Lost" "Hometown Hero" are probably my standout tracks for their straight up sore sound and fun time changes; but this whole disc is filled with winners. Big Ups!

FOR FANS OF: Folsom, Bulldoze, 25 ta Life, LA hardcore; somewhere between Mushmouth and Powerhouse...yeah, i said it!

*** and as a side note - in a perfect world; hardcore unity is prevalent and everybody that gets it is down. more variation in ethnicity would be sweet. LA seems like the place to have that happen. so i would hope women are included in this mix - with out but making it a big deal. That being said - when a tough ass band that delivers, also has a hot woman holdin it down - damn! much respect. Punk rock usually attracts the rejected; so, it's nice to see some one with beauty and brains and damn good taste in music.

This is guest review by Hutch is is also running his own blog:
Label: Our Blood Records
Year: 2010
Band's website