Abandon is a California based Vegan/SxE band with a strong socio-political drive. Their newest release, "The Death of Urgency", was released on vinyl at Death of a Modernist records. For the CD version, contact xCatalystx Records.

Abandon is a California based Vegan/SxE band with a strong socio-political drive. Their newest release, "The Death of Urgency", was released on vinyl at Death of a Modernist records. For the CD version, contact xCatalystx Records.
How did you get hooked up with Death Of A Modernist and Catalyst records?

Death of a Modernist is run by a friend of ours, and it's a new label. Our upcoming LP is going to be their first release, and we are really excited about this. We talked to xCatalystx about releasing our LP on cd format, and they had heard some good things about us so they agreed to do it. Unfortunately, we've taken longer than we wouldve liked releasing our record but so far everything is going good.

Is it important for you to have it also available on vinyl format as well?

Some of us like to collect records and prefer the way music sounds on vinyl, so we thought that we would rather release it on vinyl and cd rather than just cd.

What's behind the title "The Death of Urgency"? It there any deeper meaning behind it?

"The Death of Urgency" is a line taken from one of our songs. The song itself deals with the topic of straight edge, and living a sober lifestyle as being more than just a choice but also an idea with radical potential. The lyric from the song states "the death of urgency is at the hands of diversion", and what we meant by this is that the urgency and yearning for a better world sometimes dies at the hands of intoxication and addiction.

Songs I've heard from you reminds me a lot of some of the stuff I was listening back in the 90', like Culture, Endeavor… Would you agree with this comparison and do these influences go beyond the music? I mean, most of those bands had a strong sociopolitical drive and the same could be probably said about Abandon.

Thanks for the comparison, it really means a lot to us. Some of the Bands from the mid-90s are some of our all time favorite bands. The influence of these bands definitely go beyond the music and into the realm of ideas. All of the members of abandon identify themselves as part of the vegan straight edge movement, and were all involved in different kinds of political and social activism.

How would you sum up the main message you as a band want to get across to the listener?

All of our songs have different messages, and deal with different topics, but our main message is that there is a better world, a better future for all of us: a life in a world and society that is free of oppression and discrimination, where egalitarianism and cooperation take precedence over individualism and competition; a world where it is possible to live in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with our planet, and that it's a thousand times better than the bleak nightmare of a future that it's being currently created for us. The struggle will be enormous, but it lives on.

What do you guys do to get your message to the kids who haven’t heard about veganism or straight edge and not to falling in a trap of preaching to the converted?

You know what, I personally haven't thought much about this lately, but there have definitely been talks about starting to book shows and gigs with different styles of bands, so that we can reach a wider audience, especially here in southern California.

So tell me about a typical Abandon live experience and why kids who are not VSE should check out your band? What do you guys think about violent dancing?

We put a lot of effort, energy and emotion into our performances, so the shows are ussually very energetic and definitely loud. For kids who are into hardcore but are not VSE I would say that we also sing about different topics, such as religion, isolation, and the culture that we live in. We xo not support dancing that it's too violent and out to hurt people or create fights, as we see that this creates problems and rifts within our community, and makes some people feel unwelcomed in the hardcore scene, but moshing without being out to hurt people is fine.

In a time when it's hip to do drugs and celebrities like Paris Hilton are role models for the young generetion, do you think SxE is still a force that can bring some positive change in young people's lives and keep them from doing a lot of mistakes?

Definitely, it's still a powerful movement, and when I was growing up drugs were also cool and role models were terrible (I don't think there's been a time when this hasn't been the case) and straight edge helped me out immensely to stay away from drugs and not make bad mistakes when I was younger.

And personally, what was your reason to get involved? what do you think abstaining from drugs and alcohol changed in your life?

I remember having gotten a hold of a couple of Crass and Conflict records, which at the time blew my mind. Their message about social control and the way the elite and ruling classes can benefit from a drugged and doped population to stay in power really struck a chord with me. Eventually I also got the Minor Threat records, and absolutely fell in love with them. Around this same time one of my closest family members drank themselves to death. From this point on I decided to live a co pletely drug free life. As time went by, I saw some of my closest friends fall into the downward spirals of addiction and ruin their lives in the process. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol has helped me avoid all of this, it has given me a different outlook on life itself, and the role that intoxication has within our culture and our communities. It empowered me at a young age to make decisions for myself rather than fall to peer or cultural pressure, and it has saved me quite a bit of money, hehe. It has definitely been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

How do you feel about hardcore scene nowadays? What is the most interesting aspect of being a part of it?

It definitely retains the potential to be an incredible thing, but as of right now I feel as if the hardcore scene is underperforming. The most amazing thing is the dedication that members of the hardcore scene display towards their communities outside of shows and gigs.

Who are some underrated hardcore bands that you think deserve more attention?

I am originally from Chile, and I've been living in the states for about 7 years. Two of my favorite Chilean bands are Contra Todos Mis Miedos and To Feel Alive. Another band that I think is absolutely amazing is The Separation from northern California. I am currently on tour with them, and they are incredible individuals. One of my all time favorite straight edge bands that I also think is really underrated is the now defunct Time For Change from southern California

Anything you would like to add?

Go vegan! And if you have questions, feel free to write to me.

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