Cold Snap - Bad Moon Rising 7" pre-order

ere's the message from Dead & Gone Records:
We are now taking pre orders for the last ever Dead & Gone Records release and it’s a great way to sign off. This band has got better with every release and every show. 'Bad Moon Rising' is progression from the 'Glaciers Incarnate' and the recent split with Cornered. Trust in us but listen to the title track here and get blown away

Cold Snap have been working hard the past few years to develop their sound and hit as many corners of the island as possible. Spawned in 2007 from various ‘down south’ bands (dirty money, on thin ice, age of kali, out of hand) . CS delivers hard hitting NY style core and if needed reference points are Outburst, Breakdown, Crown Of Thornz. Mainland Europe is now in the bands sites with shows planned this coming summer. Anyone who saw this band at the RIP show on May 29th knows they are for real. Listened to BMR yet? Hard as fuck right? The Dirty South has risen once again

This is a split release with Carry The Weight Records ( check out their releases and upcoming hit list. This label is going place. Torch.
Help me out and buy this and buy it quick!

Thanks to everyone who has supported D&G over the years, everyone who bought records, designed flyers and merch, played on records and booked a show. Its been a very very good time. xxx

Pressing Info : 500 x Black, 200 x Black with yellow centre, 200 x Clear w/Grey, White, Yellow Splatter