Down to Nothing - All My Sons

Can Reaper Records put out a bad release? No. No they cannot. Before all you kiddie had this myface crap - way back in 2000 - we had simple websites, where bands could post demo tracks, if you were lucky. i had picked up DTN songs back then. Then "Save it for the Birds" came out on Thorp and i could not stop playing it. Now in 2010, these RVA SXE dudes are still crushing.

Most people are not sxe that were in 2k - never mind sxe and still in the same band! take that dave peters and most of boston. This band is stronger than ever and ripping through through speakers and touring hard.

now - as a caveat - i have not loved all their releases. "...Birds" is pure gold. The KLU split was solid; leading to "Splitting Headache", which was a little unfocused - solid but not quite my favorite. then, they got signed to rev; i was proud. i had hoped for the best. "Higher Learning" 7" dropped - it had a 4 Walls Falling cover, and the other 2 songs seem to grab that influence. It was good, but not quite that magic that "Birds" had. So when "The Most" came out, i was hesitant. like a moron. I eventually grabbed it and it pounded me. Fierce strong delivery of pissed vocals and music. Then, "Hen Hem" 7" came out - i thought, "Let's Go!". i do not know if it is ironic hipster crap or what - but this sucked. maybe i just don't get the joke...


So fucking good. "Birds", "Most" feel - back to 100% movement; angry, fast, strong sxe 'core. They add the DTN twist - a little rock, a little metal - this isn't straight youth crew. They're a thousand bands that have been spawned in this sound now-a-days - but these guys help solidify it as a sound and do it better. This had that stomp that will get the kids moving from side to side and flying all around the stage.

These 6 songs are heavy, mid-tempo sxe gems built for moshing side to side and having pile-ons. your fingers will point despite ability of motor activity and you will bob your head. All the cliche adjectives will work here - punishing, crushing. They have clear vocals shouting frank, positive lyrics (not hippie crap, but like crown of kings, "6:15")

These guys do not let up for a second of this e.p. - i hope they gain even more momentum.

Author: Hutch

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Label:Reaper Records
Year: 2010
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