Curse This Ocean "Cursed" Ep pre-order started

"Cursed" the first Ep of the young sardinian hardcore band Curse The Ocean is coming soon on StrikeDown Records for this july 2010! Curse The Ocean, a new Sardinian Hardcore band, after the already established GOLD-KIDS. This band was born from the ashes of two bands Welking Plague and Face the storm. These young and humble kids playing hardcore in Converge-Style .. Speed, violence, 2-step, moshing parts, and a spectacular stage presence are the things that characterize them. Vocal parts, only in screaming, are looking after by the frontman Michele Perra (ex Sanisikation / Face the storm). Original riffs make them escape from the usual guidelines of hardcore, sometimes metal, sometimes punk, sometimes noise, sometimes hardcore ..but their attitude and their sound is what we can call true hardcore. You can place your order here.