Dead Reprise

New album called The Unveiling by Dead Reprise should be out this summer so it's only right I got in touch with those guys with some questions about new music, collaboration with Human Furnace and couple other concerning the band but not only. Make sure you check their new tunes when they're out!
Cold New album called The Unveiling by Dead Reprise should be out this summer so it's only right I got in touch with those guys with some questions about new music, their collaboration with Human Furnace and couple of other concerning the band but not only. Make sure you check their new tunes when they're out!
Your new album will drop in July. Can you tell us something about the release?
Well, we recorded 11 tracks in less than 3 days and it turned out really well! Its going to be release on CD and Vinyl this summer through Monument Records in Europe and Get This Right in the US.Its straight up heavy aggressive hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Hatebreed, Terror, Merauder and we are really happy to have Human Furnace of Ringworm doing guest vocals on one of our songs. The album is produced and recorded by our good friend Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry (ex-Carnal Forge) in Studio Abyss which is a legendary studio in the woods of Sweden. Bands like Dark Funeral, Hypocrisy, Celtic Frost have recorded there and it has the right dark atmosphere and sound that we like.

What can we expect from it?
If you like our previous album you will definitely like this one since we cut a lot of the riffs and made the songs shorter and more energic than earlier. Patrick did a great job with his voice and I would say we grown a lot more both musically and with the lyrics as well. Its all coming out as a great package with really nice artwork made by our friend Dave Quiggle from No Innocent Victim.

Was there a specific sound you were aiming for when writing new songs?
Like I said, we were aiming for more energy and flow through the songs so we made the songs shorter and more straight forward this time. We were definitely aiming for even more 90's influenced hardcore with way less double-pedal breakdowns and shit that all the new bands have.

Have you had a chance to play the new songs live? Have the kids been getting into them?
Yes we did and they sound amazing. I love to play them as they are a lot more energic. We also added a Daniel from Path Of No Return on 2nd guitar for our live sets to make the songs even heavier. We've been playing "The Famine" for a really long time as it was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album and its always great to play live and the kids are into it...

How did you get Human Furnace of Ringworm to sing on The Famine?
I toured with my friends in Path Of No Return back in 2005 on the Crowbar-tour and they had a show with Ringworm somewhere in Germany. I always loved that band and it was great to meet the guys and see them live. Since that day Ive been in touch with HF and asked him to sing on one of our songs and he said yes right away. We tracked the vocals in like 1 take in the dressing room when they played in Sweden last year and it sounds exactly like I wanted. Its definitely an honor to have him sing on our record!

The Unveiling – what does the title mean to you and is there any running theme for the album when it comes to lyrics?
"The Unveiling" is another word for the "Apocalypse" which really speaks for the time we are living in right now. The world is a very sad and dark place at the moment but we're trying to keep the spirits high and live day by day. There is a theme on this album which is inspired by "the Four Horsemen". I think that Patrick wrote some really good lyrics that fits the music perfect. We are not a political band but there is definitely a message in there if you read between the lines.

With this album you’re working with Monument HQ in Europe and Get This Right Records in the US . How did you hook up with them and what was the reason to leave GSR?
I guess when we signed with GSR we had high hopes and expected to tour a lot more and put Sweden back on the map for good quality hardcore. We were very unlucky to have 3 cancelled tours in a row which were completely out of control and not our fault. We kind of put the band on the low side after this to concentrate on other things and I guess that a label expect you to sacrifice everything and do whatever you can to hit the road or whatever. We really tried but we came to a point were we had to take a step backwards and start over again. The split with GSR came naturally and as we slowly started to get our shit together again and write new songs we felt stronger than ever. Monument is a swedish label and distro that have been around since we started the band and the owner always supported us and helped us in many ways so it feels great to have a good friend releasing our new album! Same for Get This Right in the US, the two guys behind the labels are good old friends of ours, Dave from Palehorse and John from CDC... We know they love hardcore and are doing things with their heart for the right reason. We have a great deal and we couldnt be happier at this moment! Cant wait to get the album out!

So since the album is almost here, what are your other plans for the rest of the year? Any tours?
Since we're all busy with different things in life we put the band on a level that works well between us. We are realistic nowdays and try to plan ahead a long time before to make things work. Right now we're planning to release the album on the 23rd of July and we will play in our hometown of Örebro that night and in Stockholm with First Blood the day after that. In August we will do a short tour on the mainland Europe and we will most likely do some shows with The Haunted in Sweden in September and try to go back to Norway and Finland as well. Hopefully we will be able to do a longer tour next year as support to some band that we like, we'll see!

There has been a lot of good things going on when it comes to hardcore in 2010. What are some recent hardcore bands or albums that you’re into?
Seriously... Im not really into any new bands and I have no clue on whats going on in the scene. We just do our thing and we all grew up with bands like Earth Crisis, Integrity, Merauder, Madball, Sick Of It All and Biohazard and those bands are still our favorite bands that we like to listen to. Of course there are some good new records out there but me personally prefer to listen to the old classics and a lot of black metal and other kinds of music. A new album that we all are really into at the moment is the new Deftones-album.

And what’s going on in Sweden? Any bands we should check?
I hear about new bands all the time but I cant say that Ive gotten into any of them. Some bands that keep it real are Elapse, Hands Down and Lost Kind from Örebro. Other Swedish bands to check out are Between Us, Anchor, Angers Curse, Growing Pains and another band that I play drums in from Örebro called Let Me Out. In Norway you have Kvellertak and Purifed In Blood and a whole bunch of great bands from Finland and Denmark like Shatterproof, Bolt, St Hood, Down My Throat, Cutdown, etc.

Ok, thanks for the interview. Any last shout out?
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