Death Comes Fast

Death Comes Fast is a father and son fronted hardcore band from Cali with a nice combination of hardass breakdowns and faster vibes. They're Christian band but they don't limit themselves and there's a lot of good things here for everyone with lyrics dealing with personal struggles and issues.
Name: Death Comes Fast

Location: we are from Ontario, Ca

Active since: been around since 2006

How do you define your overall style?

Our over all style is straight up hxc we got circle pits, 2 steps, sing alongs, stomps, breakdowns but what’s most important is seeing the kids sing along if they sing along and go nuts we are doing our job as an hxc band

What’s your goal with this band?

Our goal with this band has always been the same we can’t go tour with work and also when we started my son was only 12 it was all fun and also helping out touring bands that come through I promoted shows and booked a lot of bands but the main goal is to write and be real with everyone and make friends with all we believe in JESUS but we are not gunna beat you up with a bible

What do you have recorded so far?

What we have recorded so far we went out and did our 1st cd DIY all leget except the recording was not all that it could of been our 2 new songs blood sweat and tears and for you and I is what all our new stuff will sound like recording wise our good friend Dan Banura from blood stands still, donnybrook, and the the new band that’s tearing it up murder death kill. Dan is a good friend always has been and now this guy knows how to record hahahahh love you Dan just giving you props you fool

What makes Better Place significant and why we should check it out?

THE CD better place is our 1st u gotta check it out because we will always play 2 or 3 songs off that

It’s probably the only father-son hardcore band I know of. Could you tell us how did it happen that you started a band with your son?

Father and son hxc gotta love it what happen was I always brought my son since he was 8 years old to the shows I booked and promoted anyways 1 show madball was playing at the showcase theater they played there last song my son rushed freddy grabbed the mic and started singing thinking back when I was a kid hahahah you know the song and the lyrics Freddy looked at him and told him go my son sang the whole song Freddy put him up on his shoulders singing with him and gave him props at the end telling him to the next generation after that I knew my son had it so we started a band and it’s been the best times in my life sharing the stage with my little homie but he aint little no more hahaahahah

As a father, do you think that hardcore can be a positive thing in young people’s lives? What are some of the most important lessons for the younger generation?

Yes I am a father and yes I’m in the hxc scene and yes it was all good being with my son on stage but you know what kids grow up kids do what they want my son fell into doing drugs and girls and drinking but all kids go through this shit I’m not gunna judge him for that or anyone else hxc is supposed to be about family unity and go against all this stupid world government stupid society we are all supposed to be fighting against what brings man down hxc is a release from all this crap go to a show and have some fun dance and dance hard get it out

You describe yourself as a Christian band. Would you say that is a primary lyrical theme for the band and why kids who are not believers should check you out anyway?

Christian band we get crap for this all the time some of our songs are spirit filled some about daily life we play with all bands but the bands that we like to play with the most is non Christian bands what’s the point to play with all bands that claim Jesus it gets old it’s like preaching to a choir we don’t preach on stage we might share a little bit but we would rather be your friend and when the time is right share what we believe and do it as a friend if you listen to our lyrics espesially blood sweat and tears it’s about my life as a dad and believer who lost his house and job after 10 years we all go through shit but the one thing I know I have its still a God and savior who cares about me when you get knocked down get back up and have some faith in the only thing that I know that’s true in my life

Christian bands not always get that much love in the hardcore scene. Have you ever had any problems because of your beliefs?
Yes very true Christian bands get a lot of crap in this scene you know why cuz there not real there not true they go up and beat the shit out of everyone with the bible who is that gunna reach I can say this honostly the only band that has done something in this scene where we live is sleeping giant those dudes are real and they care but when new bands come up where is the sincerity all this band wants is to make friends no matter what you believe when something goes wrong in your life we will be there as a friend to try and direct you in what works for us
we don’t get crap from other bands you know why we don’t put ourselves in a Christian bubble I think we might get more crap from Christians and that’s cool because Jesus didnt hangout with people who claim to be righteous he hungout with hookers wine drinkers and meat eaters and sinners and he wanted to be friends and show them a real LOVING GOD a GOD who really CARES your relationship with GOD is just you and him

What’s the most important part of hardcore scene to you – the message, the people, the music or something else?

The most important part to me in the hxc scene it’s all about the music scene you love the music hxc music then don’t mess it up don’t judge don’t fight you want respect then show respect hxc is almost dead just like the hxc kids wanted punk dead does real hxc want to be dead to a scene that wants metal and all the new shit that’s coming we all need to be one its music cant we all get along and get away from our everyday lives and make this work we all want to dance we all want to sing along and we all want a night to get away from the this fucked up society I can say that because I’m not in a church hahahahahah we love everyone that’s what this scene should be

Is there anything in hardcore scene that pisses you off?

What pisses us off in the hxc scene bands that are hxc and change to be with the times but the most is all the drama with fights cant we all get along we should take our anger out on something else on what we are singing about the way this world is going we have a lot to takeout on but not ourselves take your anger and go beat the shit out of a child molester for real that’s my thoughts hahahahah RANDY

What kind of stuff are you guys listening to now?

We all listen to everything we all like different stuff shit my cd player has every Johnny Cash cd u can think of

Who are some underrated hardcore bands from your area that you think deserve more attention?

Murder Death Kill, Still Alive, Blood Stands Still, Xibalba, Darasuum, Die Fighting, All Consuming Flood, Hammerfist, Countime,Uprising Ad,Betrayel, Life Or Death, go check these bands out in the socal scene and you want some good metal go checkout when only Darkness Remains.

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