Hardcore press review

Here's a short recap of stuff that deserve your attention: Check out Integrity live in Holland 1995 videos that were posted on Grace Of The Unholy blog. Don't miss an interview with Tony Rettman, author of the upcoming book "Why Be Something That You Are Not!" about Detroit hardcore scene that DFPS posted. A Riot Of My Own got nice Right Idea interview. Brainwrecked is an awesome blog with a lot of info about 90' hardcore scene, like Inhuman, Clubber Lang, Cold As Life and much more! The official diary of the in-progress Rob Lind ("White Trash Rob" of Blood for Blood, Ramallah, Sinners & Saints) can be found here. AsIce brind us a nice review of this year's Black'N'Blue Bowl. On the non-musical side of things, Opium website got interesting interview with Vincenzo Natali, director of “Splice”. Horror Porn: Can We Take It Seriously? Horror-movies.ca got the answer.