Bloodstained - Saligia

One of the most promising Polish hardcore bands comes back with and they’re breakneck sound is heavier than ever. This time Bloodstained dishes out a collection of sick tunes that melt some beatdown influences with Kickback-like depravity.
This album holds nine tracks (including intro and outro) of furious, metallic hardcore with monster breakdowns, sick riffs and drums that hit like thunder. Avoiding any clichés, complex, yet brutal. Compared with their previous effort, by which I mean 3-way split with Crawling Ground and Envy, the overall tone of their music got darker while the lyrics are soaked with sickness and all the nasty stuff humanity is capable of. You know, those little filthy thoughts you try to hide in the darkest corners of your mind but you know they creep waiting for the moment to explode. The only difference is that these guys got the guts to scream it all aloud. The cold aggression and rawness of these songs set them apart from much of the competition in their weight division. I also gotta give them props for using Soul Contre Tous movie samples as there is a strong connection between the music and how Philippe Nahon’s character went insane in the movie. Highly recommended!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Ratel Records
Year: 2010
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