Danny Diablo and Grizz Rock present Kaos 13

In 2008 the unstoppable “international hardcore superstar” Danny Diablo and the legendary rapper Grizz Rock from Ruff Ryders crew created a new music project named KAOS 13. Crossover that combines heavy guitar riffs and dark atmosphere with hardcore metrics and hip hop beats. Both frontman define the KAOS 13 project as their most varied and most successful project of recent years “With KAOS 13 we managed to create a perfect mix of all our influences from New York Hardcore to heavy metal, passing thru the hip hop. Tha KAOS 13 sound is something revolutionary!”
In the next weeks we will announce the official release date of their new album named “Street Warrirors” on Countdown records – Real Recognizes Real records. “The recording sessions of “Street Warriors” lasted more than a year” adds Danny Diablo “During this time we worked in the studio with several friends such as Ill Bill, Slaine, G-Fella, DJ Apokalypze and many others. Soon you’ll have in your hands the result of this year of work, and nobody will be disappointed!”

Pending further information, visit the KAOS 13 pages on Facebook and MySpace: