H8000 book is in the works

As it was posted on H8000 Central blog, in 2011 a book covering H8000 crew will be released. From the original post on this subject: "The H8000 book will see the light of day somewhere in 2011, there's a ton of work on this project. There's too much great history to just let it slide in obscurity. There's a ton of pic's, the one and only record collection list, flyers, posters and a ton of writing and interviews..it's basically history from the late 80's to the mid 90's. There's some interested parties to put it out as a good looking book, stay tuned for this one.." Moreover, all of the H8000 zine issues will be brought together into one book and released later this year. Sounds exciting as H8000 bands are vital part of European hardcore history!