Raw and dirty hardcore from the depths of Michigan, Sawchuk is not a type of band to sing about holding hands and reading poems. Real men got no time for this shit! The main purpose of their music is to remind you how hard and nasty life can get and listening to their latest output, I can honestly say they accomplished this mission flawlessly. Check it out!
Band’s name: Sawchuk

Location: All over Michigan.

Active since: Sawchuk has been together sense 2007. but myself(brandon/Guitar) and jordan(Bass) joined in 09. After we joined the band we really changed our sound. Before me and jordan joined it was more punk rock with breakdowns. ha.

How do you define your overall style?
Sawchuk is hardcore, with negativity? im not to sure. I guess just angry hardcore

What’s your goal with this band?
Our goal is pretty much to just get the fuck out of michigan and play shows. Tour, Release shit. Have a good ass time on the road, away from home.

What do you have recorded so far?
We have an EP recorded. It is called "Miserable" we give them out at shows. and we have a free download of it up on our myspace ( and its all over the internet thru blogs and shit. So anyone should be able to find it very easily.

When, how and why the band came to being?
In 07 Jerry and Tony wanted to start a hardcore band about drinking, hockey, and partying. So the rest is pretty much history

It’s not been long since the Miserable EP has been released. How do you feel about the release and what the response has been so far?
Its awesome. It came out better then we thought it would. Chris at "Stresstain Studios" does an awesome fucking job. As far as response to the EP, seems like everyone is liking it. Which is awesome.

What is it about Terry Sawchuk that made you name your band after him?
Jerry(drums) and Tony(guitar) were watching a red wings game, and hasek made some crazy save with his face. So jerry said " that was some fucking sawchuk shit right there" and then they started the band.

The overall tone of the lyrics is very dark and negative. Would you agree with that and is there any running message behind your music?
Yeah, Sawchuk is pretty negative. The overall message of our songs, pretty much is just, Tomorrow will be worse then the day before. Give up on life.

So how do you feel about the current state of the world and future of mankind in general? What are some of the main ills in the society that pisses you off?
This world is shit. Enough said.

How many shows do you play? What is the craziest thing that ever happened at one of your shows?
We play as many shows as possible. As far as craziest thing thats happened at a show, shit, i don't know. Matt gets drunk and talks a lot? He stood on some table at a bar and broke it? I don't know if that fits the definition of crazy. But it was pretty funny.

If anybody want to invite you to play the gig, what should they know?
They should know we'd love to. And that we're just lookin to have a good time. Whether that be, getting drunk, going swimming, whatever. Were just trying to have fun and play our music.

How is scene in Michigan compared to other states?
What are some good bands from over there? Im just going to skip this question.

What are some other future plans for Sawchuk? When can we expect a full length album?
Only time will tell for the future of sawchuk. We would like to tour, as much as possible. Maybe get a lable? And were going to be recording in Early October for another EP. Look out for that. its going to be probably 6 or 7 songs long. Also look out for some split EP's with some awesome bands. As far as a full length. We'll for sure be putting one out. Its just a matter of writing new songs and recording. Probably next spring, or summer, maybe fall.

Shout outs and/or last comments?
Listen to... Burdened, Stations Creation, Natural Disasters, Strength By Conviction, Life Exposed, Sleeptalkers, Straight Mangled, Mind Crimes, Reach The End, Some Mistakes, Lethal Scriptures, Full of Hell,

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