Vow Of Hatred - Vow Of Hatred

Here’s a self titled album from Pittsburgh based hardcore band practicing the heavier side of the genre. Starting things off with a slow and heavy intro, the band sets the tone for the rest of the material. Vow Of Hatred falls into beatdown category and they’re pretty good at what they do.
I mean, with so many beatdown bands around nowadays, it’s really hard to come up with some style of your own. These cats are not yet there, but still, this shit lives up to the standards of the genre. The quality of the recordings is decent, the musicianship is not that bad and the vocals are strong and hateful. My only gripe is that the band is bringing nothing new to the game. With every song here I’ve got a feeling I’ve heard it before. Maybe I got too picky when it comes to beatdown, but breakdowns and double bass doesn’t make up for lack of good ideas. On the brighter side, there are couple moments here that really do it for me. Let’s just mention ‘We’re Glad You’re Dead’ with its vicious mid paced groove, nice built up and a powerful fast part made for some serious ass kicking in the pit. This is a type of stuff I want to hear more from them!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Clandestine Records
Year: 2010
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