Hellburnsaway - Worse Than The Truth

Here’s a nine track debut album by France-based Hellburnsaway; a nice mixture of hardcore and a slight touch of metal. The songs in general are mid to fast paced but from time to time they also pull off some slick breakdown to keep things varied. Heavy-ass yet still groovy riffing with on-point style of drumming are more than matched by Thomas vocals.
The songwriting is just fine and groove is rarely absent. Hellburnsaway definitely got some Terror feeling to them, but also take influences from bands like Madball, Death Threat and even some modern hardcore can be heard from time to time. Even if they still got some way to go before they’re on the level of these bands, the album doesn’t lack memorable hooks and good ideas.. All in all, this is beefy and aggressive hardcore that can serve as a good soundtrack to lifting weights and heavy bag workout. Hellburnsaway has busted out a solid and promising album and I’m really curious how this band gonna develop in the future. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them live cause judging from their Myspace photos, they know how to move the crowd.

Review by Dloogi
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Year: 2010
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