Pacto De Sangre - Sangre Joven

Somehow, you don’t hear that much about Spain native Pacto De Sangre as about some other beatdown acts in Europe so for those unfamiliar, here’s a real quick recap: PDS formed back in 2007 on the ashes of a band called No Hay Otra Mejilla. Since then, they’ve been working hard to build a reputation for themselves as top dogs of the beatdown genre in the local scene. This year the band hit the scene with their follow up to Andalusian Beatdown, a demo EP from 2008.
It’s been some time since I’ve listened to their previous output but it seems to me the overall tone of their music hasn’t changed that much. The band doesn’t waste any time with the opening track which is simply two minutes of serious breakdowns, double bass action and deep and heavy vocals with occasional guttural growls and barks. Nothing but a beatdown, baby! The following tracks pick up the pace a little bit and make me think about later Shattered Realm albums. What’s interesting is that they’re one of the few remaining beatdown bands that sing in their native language. It’s kind of surprising that they’re one of the few when you think how good Spanish sound with this type of music. If I had to name what bugs me about this album I would say the lack of variety. They should try to incorporate some more tricks into their song writing cause after the strong first half of the album, the tracks at the end blend in a bit. The album would also definitely benefit from better, by that I mean heavier, production which would allow the band to squeeze more power out of these songs. But these are minor setbacks that ruin the overall good impression.

When it’s all said and done, Pacto De Sangre seems to have what it takes to survive on a recently very crowded scene. Sangre Joven is not the album that will make them international superstars of beatdown, but it proves their status as a respected up-and-comers. All beatdown diehards should find it a worthwhile grab!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Useless Pride (FR) / La Otra Opcion Rec (SP) / Cruzade Records (SP) / Honor Records (MX) / SEHC (SP)
Year: 2009
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