Alpha & Omega - Life Swallower

The band has been getting better with every album they have released and this one is another step in the right direction. With Life Swallower, Alpha & Omega brings to the table one of the more violent albums I’ve heard in a long time.
One song in and you know you’re listening to one tough son of a bitch album. Fueled By Sin is a strong opening to the album combining the best elements of hardcore and metal. And when the next tracks kick in, things only get better. Throughout the album, Alpha & Omega keep their sound focused on slick, thrash inspired riffs while the rhythm section lays down a tight groove that is marks up the music’s rhythm to perfection. The band gets the job done with beefy chords to groovy passages, which results in brutal songs of crushing metallic that never goes down in intensity. Life Swallower offers plenty of anger and rage, but at the same time they keep the right balance and deliver plenty of leads and hooks to get your teeth into. It helps to keep things interesting and give their music more depth without sacrificing the rough edge that makes Alpha & Omega's music work. An element of nostalgia for the 80’ crossover sound can be heard throughout the album with the strong nod towards Cro-Mags in their prime. They also make me think of Steel Nation and Bitter End in regards to the intensity those bands deliver. The vocals of Luis are very intense and lyrically, it’s straight up hostile, dark and negative.

If I had to pick my favorite tracks from Life Swallower I would say that tracks Searching or Stand Alone show how it should be done. Both of these tracks come with slick, memorable riffs and massive chorus that will stick in your head for days.

Listening to this album it comes as no surprise that band has been creating a bit of a name for themselves recently. 2010 is definitely a good year for hardcore with solid albums from bands like Terror, Sick Of It All, Madball, Bitter End or All Out War. And even with such a strong competition, I still consider Life Swallower as one of the most interesting albums that came out this year.

Review by Dloogi
Label: 6131 Records
Year: 2010
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