The Black Path

The Black Path are Cali based band which takes a lot of influences from the old time metalcore bands. You get some European influences, like H8000 styled metallic hardcore, but also some newer sound is finding its way so it all sound pretty fresh. Here's a quick interview with the band...
Can you give me a brief background on the band and what you guys are currently up to at this moment?

Well we started this band around late 2009/early 2010 and formed together because both of our bands had broken up. We had all kind of been in bands together before this one so it worked out perfect. Right now we are writing for a split with a band called beg for life out of AZ which will be released in mid 2011.

What have you released so far?

A 6 song demo.

Where did the band's name come from?

The name comes from a song of the great hardcore band A Death For Every Sin (RIP) I think it suits us well.

Lyrically what kind of themes you deal with? What is the message you’re trying to present to your listeners?

(I had our singer Matthew answer these 2)
When I write the lyrics I try really hard to make them flow in a nice way musically. What I mean is sometimes I choose certain words not because of what they mean but because of the way they sound. I try my best to have different themes for each of the different songs. But within those constraints I still do my best to express myself. Of course they all deal with anger, despair, and other emotions. I'm not really trying to present a message to the listeners, it's more like trying my best to convey an emotion to them. To make them feel the way I did when I wrote the song.

Is there any social or political message behind the band?

We're definitely not a political band. I always write the lyrics in a vague way, usually because I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about haha. But also because I want people to be able to relate to a song, so even if it might be dealing with politics, people who aren't into that can still project the message of the song onto something else they do relate to.

You guys seem to be heavily influenced of old style metalcore bands, both from the States and Europe. How have kids been reacting to your music?

The reaction has been great. I remember writing these songs thinking maybe kids wouldn't be as into it as they are because it's too "metal" and I knew we'd mainly be playing hardcore shows, but it has a good variety of both genres, and it's fun to mix things up every now and then.

So what’s your opinion of what people currently call ‘metalcore’ – guys in girls jeans and crazy haircuts?

Well personally I'm not a fan of girl pants, and I don't see anyone wearing those to any of our shows, but if you wanna' wear girl clothes and listen to my band go right ahead. At the end of the day it's all about the music.

What are some Cali bands you’re down with and would recommend for everyone to listen?

Life or Death, Xibalba, Ruckus, World of Pain, Still Alive.

What's your pick for best hardcore release of 2010 so far?

All Out War - Into the killing fields, great record! The new Terror is also a really great release.

I’ve seen some rap themes at your myspace profile, like Big L poster or Gangstarr-like logo. Are you guys into this type of music? What are some rappers you support?

A few of us are hip hop heads. One of our singers Matthew is real talented in the beat making department, and I (Jonathan) listen to hip hop just as much if not more than hardcore. Mainly we're into the classics, Biggie, Nas, Gangstarr, Wu-tang, Group Home, Non Phixion, I could go on for days but you get the point. As far as rappers I support now-a-days, Evidence is killing it!

Big up's to everyone that comes out and supports The Black Path and hardcore in general, let's keep this DIY underground shit going!