Eulogy Recordings signs Loyal To The Grave

Hardcore is a worldwide movement so it's always good to see that US labels are reaching out to the bands in different parts of the world. This time we have Eulogy signing the well known Japan act, Loyal To The Grave. Here's official press release: Eulogy as always recognized and appreciated the importance of the worldwide underground music scene. Today we are very excited to announce the signing of Loyal To The Grave to the Eulogy family. Eulogy will be releasing their new album sometime next year worldwide. This is a huge step for both the band and the label. Loyal To The Grave will help the Eulogy brand grow in Japan. Eulogy will help bring worldwide attention to one of the finest bands to ever come from Japan.
Loyal To The Grave formed in 1998. They released their debut mini album "North Truth" on Devil's Head Records (U.S.) and a split ep with The Acacia Strain. They soon released their first full length "Abstract Sensations" and an ep titled "Indistinct" on Imperium Recordings (Japan). The band has toured consistently in Japan sharing the stage on occasion with Hatebreed, Terror, Converge and many more.
Their latest album "Still Climbin' Still Believin'" is one of the most important albums released in the history of Japanese hardcore. This album combined a perfect blend of many different types of metal and hardcore. This album received a worldwide release with the help of Surprise Attack Records (U.S.), Skull and Bone Records (AUS) and Towhall Records (Korea). They also releasd a 2 way split on Seventh Dagger Records (U.S.) with Winds of PLague and XAFBX.
Loyal To The Grave will visit the U.S. this winter as part of the December Decimation Festival. Their new album will be released on Eulogy Recordings mid 2011 supported by worldwide touring.