Ratface - Ratassed

Ratassed, first full-length of Ratface came out already in February, but since i was in hiatus during the time, i decided to do a bit late review. Ratface's first mcd Demon Dayz made huge impact on the Finnish scene at the time, bringing ultra-brutal and funny, thrashy beatdown hardcore back with a bang. Since the mcd, they have put out a S/T 7" on Fast Rock Factory and in February 2010 their first full-length came out on Fullhouse Records.
Ratassed features a good bunch of heavy, thrash-ridden hardcore, that has all the beats and breaks you would ever wish for a hardcore album. This time they got some hardcore all-stars on the board with them, starting with UK's most notorius beatdown band, Six Ft. Ditch's vocalist Peachey. On the title track Ratassed, they've taken one of the most known SFD lyrics and turned it into their own, as Peachey screams; "Get drunk motherfuckers, get drunk!". With a quite banger to start with, the album is what you'd expect it to be, energetic, metallic hardcore and with MC. Respektor's awesome, even rap-influenced screaming they're taking this shit to another level, again.

Song titles reveal more of what's to come, Nightwish 4 A War and Crazytown Coolio, won't let you down and to top it, there's markings on the artwork on every song if it's a "party-tune" or a "hangover-tune". Second featuring artist is David from Denmark's metallic hardcore juggernaut, Shatterproof, who's singing some inexplainable words, (in Denmark maybe?) on Burana 1000 and dropping a killer line in there; "Denland Finmark connection giving all you PC-kids a stupidity injection". I'm also sure there's something connected with ovaskainen räppikäinen on that song? More Booze More Sex features Pussy Rat Dolls on backup choir, it's very sing-a-long type of party anthem, heavy shit mixed with ultra fast shredding parts. Also finnish hip-hop is represented on Ratassed with King King Of Bling Bling, when Shaka drops some skilled bombs on the latter part of the song, working spectaculary well. Ending the "real" record is In Satan We Trust, with Respektor's old band mate (from Pitfiend days) Jakefiend, who nowdays sings for The Jacklads, they share some tender moments on worshipping of satan, of course, what else.

But this is not the end, hence the "Afterparty Area", where we hear hardcore band turn into a "reggae" band with I Don't Like Hardcore and welcome their last visitor, DJ Pataässä, delivering the final killing blow with; Güte Scheisse, an epic full on techno assault. Last two songs are very much at your own risk, so listen if you dare. Also note that you'll have to have a sense of humour to listen them, so tightasses (and dickheads!), don't bother. Ratface has proven that they are here to stay, they have kept on playing and having fun and there doesn't seem to be end in sight. For all fans of hardcore music in general, and who can take a joke, should really check Ratface out if you haven't yet. Ratassed is available on vinyl and cd, both formats available straight from the label, Finland's finest, Fullhouse Records.

This review was taken with permission from the excellent Killing The Legacy blog.

Label: Fullhouse Records
Year: 2010
Band's website