There is a long list of great hardcore bands that came out of Texas and Hardside is to make sure that flame never dies! Taking cues from bands such as Merauder, Life Of Agony and Madball, Hardside blends fast, aggressive riffs with a tight groove and sick hooks. The band is currently on tour across USA so make sure you check them out if they come any near your town.
For those unfamiliar with the band - what do you want people to know about the band and your music or message?
We are a hardcore band from San antonio texas, playing old school hardcore. no bullshit

How did you all meet and how long have you all been a band?
We've been friends for a while now, since fall 2009

What's the toughest struggle for the band like yours?
I guess it would be there is so many new bands and alot of bands touring so just getting out there and people giving us a chance.

What's the biggest wall to get over?
Probably it would be touring it s hard to tour when your a smaller bandwhen your doing it on your own its even harder.

For those who have not heard anything from you how would you describe band's playing sound?
Id say we sound like a mix of leeway desperate measures and merauder master killer if that makes any sense ha.

What have you released so far?
We have released a demo (welcome to hell) a two song cassette and a new 7 inch coming out in January on 6131 records called crucified.

Who are your strongest musical influences and why?
We all like a bunch of different kinds of music, some hardcore some not as a band id have to say kinda what we sound like.

And where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to the lyrics?
Lots of different things man, past experiences to just things going on in the world today.

Tell me about band's performance element – what should kids expect from your live show?
We defiantly do our own thing something you just have to see for yourself i guess ha.

Tell us what you have coming up that we can check for. Plans, gigs and releases planned for the upcoming months?
We got a west coast tour coming up in december with our 7inch coming out in january then a run in march with our brothers in bitter end.

Any closing thoughts?
Thanks for the interview man. keep doing what your doing i support it