The Truth Hurts - new album from Without Remorse

The Truth Hurts, the 2nd album from New York's Without Remorse on Last Resort Records, is a step in a more focused, more intense direction. Better song structures and more important lyrical content. Crushing, dual-vocal assault, and memorable, violent riffs with an undeniable groove. Real Deal Deathslam/NYHC hybrid for fans of Dying Fetus to Hatebreed to Pantera. This album features the addition of Shaun Kennedy (Revenance, Internal Bleeding) on bass. Recorded at Full Force Studios in Long Island, NY with producer Joe Cincotta (Suffocation, Waking The Cadaver, This is Hell). The Truth Hurts is available online here. The band will be touring the U.S. again in 2011 as well as working on possible European and Japan dates.