Demons Run Amok records got some exciting plans for 2011!

First of all, Risk It from Dresden / Germany will release their first 7" on Demons Run Amok! Check these guys out if you are into Trapped Under Ice, Guns Up or No Warning! You can preorder the limited coloured vinyl now here. Spider Crew is signing over to DRA and will release their upcoming full length "Still Crazy But Not Insane" at the end of Februar/ beginning of March.Be careful these are their best songs ever. Powerful NY Styled HC. Alcatraz - yes that's right - will release thier debut full length "Smile Now Cry Later" throughout Demons Run Amok on vinyl and CD in early March. We are so glad to work with these guys together! Incarnate is coming Up with their new album "Hands Of Guilt Eyes Of Greed" in March. Incarnatebrings you music with the intensity and power of Hatebreed, the thrashing riffs of Slayer and the heaviness of Crowbar. Lasting Traces from Germany will release their upcoming full length in May. This is melodic Hardcore in the vein of Killing The Dream, Verse or Betrayed. Check them out on their tour with Midnight Souls in March!