Rise After Defeat - Maieutica

I have always had a soft spot for the Italian hardcore - no matter if it’s Negazione, Wretched, Reprisal, Da Sect or whatever. It seems that no matter what style of hardcore, Italian guys almost always get it done right. Rise After Defeat is from Cagliari and aims for heavy, metallic sound that bridges the intensity of hardcore and a good amount of metal. Despite being around just since the 2008, they already have released a full length in 2009 which I reviewed some time ago on this website. Ok, so I wasn’t blown away by their self titled debut but I still wanted to give Maieutica a try.
This EP has been released in October and contains 4 brand new tracks. What is immediately apparent is that the band has made a big progress since their previous album. I’m glad to say they’re moving into right direction - Rise After Defeat finally delivers a solid piece of hardcore and gives a valiant performance throughout the majority of this short MCD. Their sound has much more focus this time, something that lacked on the previous material. Maieutica demonstrates some good ideas backed by a foundation of solid technical skills. Maybe it's thanks to way better production, but the music is sounding much heavier. The band crafted a fair dose of decent thrashing riffs, double bass, breakdowns and creative drumming. This is metalcore, but the type of metalcore you'd listen to when going to war not when going to buy tight pants or get a douche haircut. For the fans of metallic hardcore sound, this is generally a EP to check out. And all the vinyl freaks keep in mind this shit has been released on 7 inch format!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Strikedown Records
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