Roadrunner has spawned from the crowded Massachusetts scene but hold their own when it comes to dropping some seriously heavy hardcore. The band brings some awesome grooves, all big drums and down to life lyrics; 'I want kids to hear our music and realize that life is tough on all of us in all different ways, but eventually you will overcome any obstacle...'
For those unfamiliar with the band - what do you want people to know about the band and your music or message?

This band means a lot to all of us, I feel this world is a rough place and you often think that your alone in your struggle, but the truth is your not alone. I want kids to hear our music and realize that life is tough on all of us in all different ways, but eventually you will overcome any obstacle.

Massachusetts has a strong scene with a tons of good bands around so it must be hard to get your name out. How has the local hardcore scene treated you so far?

Your right, getting your name out there is a tough thing to do for a new band like us. The Merrimack Valley scene has always been a great thing. Josh Hynes runs a great venue Anchors Up! in Haverhill, MA where we have played quite a few times.

What's the toughest struggle for the band like yours? What's the biggest wall to get over?

Any group of kids with any musical talent can throw together a few songs, but I think the toughest thing is finding the chemistry between you and your band and getting comfortable with one another.

For those who have not heard anything from you how would you describe your band's playing sound?

Aggressive and Hateful. I've always been an angry kid, so it's good to be able to get on stage and just scream about what hits home the most.

What have you released so far?

We recorded our demo back in 2009(I know it's not too long ago, but damn it feels like yesterday). This past fall we recorded our new EP with Ryan Stack of Andrew Lanes Recording Company(Hammer Bros, Word For Word, The Effort). We have nothing but good things to say about him the cd came out great. You can download the 2010 EP for free on mediafire.

Who are your strongest musical influences and why?

I'd say my musical influence comes from Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins. The Misfits and Black Flag were some of the first bands that I heard that lead me to my future with hardcore/punk genre. With Danzig's dark lyrics and Rollin's crazy stage presence, it always made me want to sing for a band.

And where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to the lyrics?

As corny as it sounds my inspiration comes from my hate of the world, the ignorance of society disgusts me. I find myself constantly writing about my anger towards others.

Tell me about band's performance element – what should kids expect from your live show?


Tell us what you have coming up that we can check for. Plans, gigs and releases planned for the upcoming months?

We just recently parted ways with our original drummer Dan. Our friend Tom is going to be playing for us from now on. We're currently practicing and getting ready for the new year. 2011 is a new year for RoadRunner. Be on the look out for new tracks, merch, and news.

What is your favorite year/era of hardcore?

I wish I was born in the 80's. I would kill to have seen many of my favorite bands before their rise to fame.

Favorite Sheer Terror album?

I love that this was mentioned! Can't Hate Enough easily, nothing will top that in my eyes.

Any closing thoughts?

Keep your eyes open this year for us, we're hoping 2011 is going to be a great year for us. Thanks to dloo