x A Call For Revenge x

xA Call For Revengex fly the Straight Edge flag high in Mexico, which is not easy in a country so severely affected by the drug related violence. Hardcore comes from different places and bands like this one goes through a lot of shit to keep their local scene alive. So it's important that you support their shit - read the interview, check out their website, spread the word around!
For those unfamiliar with the band - what do you want people to know about the band and your music or message?

xACFRx’s message is quite contradictive in comparison with the “unity” premise that other straight edge bands promote. We do believe unity is very important, but our lyrics talk about the discipline to achieve your own expectations without relying on no one else but yourself, the willingness to fight your way through standing up by yourself without letting adversity overcome you, and assemble the strength to remain firm even when everyone had turn their back on you. We want to spread a message about the fact that nothing should be more important than committing with your own decisions and goals. If you’re pulled down during your way through and fall, you stand up and strike back with everything that you got.

How did you all meet and how long have you all been a band?

Originally xACFRx came up as a side project blending members from Wanted for Murder and xGeneracionx. WFM has been around for much longer than xACFRx and for a while I talked with my homeboy Lalo (WFM drums) about giving me a hand composing the drums for some ideas I had. The time seemed right to give the project a name when my hommie JC came from Merida (far far away from our city) to take the microphone duties, that’s how xACFRx started out in 2008. We had a couple of bass players that were really not working out, until one day we placed a bass guitar into our merch guy’s hands, and magic simply happened, that’s how Cesar came along.

JC had to move to Canada and the band entered some kind of recess for some months, until Alex came along to take the mic. I knew him from a couple of shows WFM played with his formed band. I talked with him just for a few minutes and immediately I realized he was perfect for xACFRx.

What's the toughest struggle for the band like yours? What's the biggest wall to get over?

Well, the hardcore scene in Mexico has been around for quite a while but no one outside Mexico seems to take it seriously, at least that’s my impression. I don’t know if maybe that’s because it’s something too local and people outside Mexico can’t really get it. Recently, some new school bands are taking off strongly, especially within their local venues. However, some of these great bands are not even noticed outside our country. As a Mexican band, it feels really difficult to get any attention outside our circle. We have no relevant labels in Mexico (mainly because the budget to start a formal label is none existent) and no international Labels seem to give the slightest credibility to Mexican hardcore, which is really upsetting man. There is a lot of heart in Mexican hardcore, what we do lack is production. There is not one single Mexican band promoted by any relevant hardcore label.

For those who have not heard anything from you how would you describe band's playing sound?

xACFRx’s sound is as raw as it gets. It comes out full of energy and almost instinctively, as a punch to someone’s face should be.

What have you released so far?

One single demo/promo, or as you wish to call it. There will be an EP coming out soon!

Who are your strongest musical influences and why?

We all got a great portion of metalheads inside us, so it would be fair to name Pantera and At the Gates just as much as Agnostic Front and Madball. We like lots of things old school and new school. Personally I would say Madball, the day I discovered that amazing band, and understood the attitude inherent to the music, I knew that was my thing.

And where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to the lyrics?

Some lyrics deal with many things I learned serving in the IDF under Bislamach Brigade in Gaza Strip and Beirut. But mainly, more than inspiration, I would call it a raging derision for all this immeasurable decadence impregnated all over this city…. unrestrained impunity, corruption filtered in all branches of authority, kidnapers destroying innocent people life’s, drug addicts mugging people to buy more drugs……… and we’re sickened by the state of conformity around us. We are fucken tired of watching this crap everyday and we’re fucken pissed off.

Tell me about band's performance element – what should kids expect from your live show?

What xACFRx offers at shows is to convert the stage into a fucking battleground. We really take this seriously and we demonstrate it with tons of energy.

Tell us what you have coming up that we can check for. Plans, gigs and releases planned for the upcoming months?

We’re shooting a video for “Bringer of Deliverance” in December!! So be sure to check out our myspace and “upcoming” facebook pages, we’ll be posting news about the video and shows!!

Any closing thoughts?

Thanks a lot for your interest man, you have a great site running up. Keep up the good work and keep supporting the underground.

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