Domestic War - Ad Noctum

I highly recommend this. This album is fucking great. I admit that xSeventh Daggerx can get repetitive. And i do not love most of Facedown or Strike First, as they tend to get too metal - or too christian. Well, this is hardcore. Straight up and down. Just heavy fucking hardcore.

Thick, strong, no bones about it, Metallic SXE HC ("Put the fucking bottle down!")Lyrics are a bit more elaborate than typical SXE platitudes; but the subject matter is the same. Angry, vengeful, bitter, unapologetic lyrics. Killer, vicious riffs; fast to breakdown, kung-fu inspiring madness. I anticipate being scared at a show. And, amongst all these breakdown bands shoving Christian rants down my throat, i applaud Track 7 - decrying the ultimate crutch, that Jesus guy. Also, i like them reppin all 3 X's, and not letting that 3rd one slip. Calling out fools who do not abide to the SXE credo of self-respect. *("Fucking everyone you see. "Don't smoke, Don't Drink, Don't Fuck." - What is it that you don't understand?")

More Next Step Up than Strife for song 2; but that goes away. Buried Alive. Path of Resistance on Steroids. xTyrantx and Seventh Star, obviously. Thick as Blood, Figure Four. Harm's Way.

Review by Hutch (Empty Hands blog)
Label: Seventh Dagger
Year: 2011
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