Hierophant - Self Titled

This is a debut release from this Italian band and it brings an otherworldly experience of dark, cold, grimy and almost dehumanized hardcore. The band is being often compared to the likes of Trap Them or His Hero Is Gone with a dose of that evil Cleveland sound but they do branch out to the other genres a lot with much more some seriously fucked up shit going on. What I like about Hierophant is that while they do bear some similarities to those bands, they definitely got their own ways of doing what they do and it comes across as being totally natural and not forced in any way. The songs are very diverse and experimental, with style ranking from slow and atmospheric to fast and evil and you basically never know what’s gonna happen next. There are a lot of slower, sludgy parts and interludes, but they also know how to amp it up to almost blastbeat tempos. The album takes as much from hardcore in its most chaotic and heaviest form, as from sludge and black metal. It's a combination that works and the songs are powerful and dynamic. There is also a guest appearance from no one else but Dwid Hellion on As Kalki so I guess it makes it an album to check out for all the Integrity fans.

This is not the album that grabs you up front, it took some time in my case to get into this but the patience really paid off. When you combine clever and creative songwriting, and willingness to experiment you’re bound to have a crushing release. It is a very well constructed, strong and engaging.

Review: Dloogi
Label: Demons Run Amok
Year: 2011
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