Think Fast! to release worldwide vinyl version of upcoming Earth Crisis album!

Official info: There’s no argument that the single underground band to stir the most controversy regarding their ethics and beliefs is none other than Syracuse legends, Earth Crisis. Forming in the early 90’s, Earth Crisis has remained a constant influence, combining heavy riffs with Karl Buechner’s signature commanding vocals. Not only have they stood as one of the most aggressive acts in the genre through their musical style, but also in their politically-charged beliefs.

Earth Crisis’ message of human, animal and environmental liberation has caused shockwaves that resonated beyond the music industry. They have received national media coverage on CNN, TBS, FOX, CBS, MTV, and ABC. Charismatic vocalist Karl Buechner has spoken in front of members of Congress about teens and substance abuse. Earth Crisis epitomizes commitment, fortitude, and resilience and is an established and embraced trademark in the international metal, hardcore and punk communities.

It is with great honor to announce that the band's latest album "Neutralize The Threat" will be exclusively released worldwide on vinyl via Think Fast! Records. The release is under exclusive license from Century Media Records. Think Fast! co-owner Larry Scott says of the release, "This is a pinnacle moment, not only for the label, but for me personally. Earth Crisis has always been, in my opinion, an inspiration to unapologetically speak on behalf of what you believe is right."

Earth Crisis has continued along this path of breaking new ground, constantly working and reaching more people spreading their message to the masses. Their relentless touring has put them in front of countless national and international audiences - from the U.S. to Canada, to Europe, Japan and South America. In October 1999, they played Bogota, Columbia's Rock al Parque Festival for over 120,000 people. They have toured with bands ranging from Sepultura and Downset to The Misfits and Snapcase.

With “Neutralize The Threat,” Earth Crisis has never been stronger or more relevant. Look for the exclusive vinyl version to surface in August, with pre-orders expected to launch early on in the Summer.