Steel Nation to tour Scandinavia in October

Official info: Steel Nation is without question one of the most unique, polished, and destructive hardcore bands to emerge from the great state of Pennsylvania in recent memory. Steel Nation has managed to forge their own sound in an age of carbon copies by expertly bridging the gap between the street level sensibilities of classic New York Hardcore bands and the technical punishing fury that was perfected in Cleveland by such acts as Integrity and Ringworm. This is the first time the band hits the european stage - Forever Wounded in Scandinavia Tour 2011.1/10 - WHERE IT BEGINS Fest - Skylten/Linköping, SWE w/ Naysayer, Downpresser, Guilty, Rotting Out, World Eater, Providence and more.
2/10 - TBA
3/10 - Kungen/Sandviken, SWE w/ Ink Stained Promises
4/10 - TBA/Stockholm, SWE
6/10 - Lutakko/Jyväskylä, FIN w/ St Hood, Escape To Death
7/10 - Lucky Monkeys/Lappeenranta, FIN w/ St Hood, Worth The Pain
8/10 - Lepakkomies/Helsinki, FIN w/ St Hood, Foreseen

The tour is being set up by: Sunpower Booking, Nerd Bird Booking, World vs Cometh, Green Menace Records, Monument Records