Alcatraz to drop full length on Demons Run Amok Records!

Alcatraz are back with their first Full Length! After releasing one MCD and a split 7” with Berlins very own Final Prayer, “Smile Now, Cry Later” will hit the stores 18.11.2011. Having an South America Tour and a short Europoean Tour with First Blood under their belts, “Smile Now, Cry Later” will be the next step on the Alcatrazs way to Olympus! Influenced by the likes of Death Threat, Ringworm, Integrity, Hoods and Buried Alive! “Fast, loud, aggressive, just the way we like it!” Pure and raw Hardcore without an placed attitude – but with passion and anger! Alcatraz featuring current and ex members of First Blood, Embrace The End, Execution Style, Allegiance, In Memoriam, Set Your Goals, and Breaker Breaker."

The CD/LP contains also their long sold out Demotape!
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200 in Black!