Spider Crew - Still Crazy But Not Insane

Trends come and go but you got to have respect for bands that do their own thing throughout the years with no fucking compromises. And I guess Spider Crew never had it easy, just try to remember how not even long ago it suddenly wasn’t cool to wear your hair short or go to the gym or you were almost a social outcast for not reading poetry to sleep every day and your pants were not tight enough. In times like this, when hardcore scene is in danger and the forces of evil have already raised its ugly head, albums from Vienna bands like Spider Crew, Only Attitude Counts and their countless other projects are like islands of sanity.
This new album from Spider Crew, Still Crazy But Not Insane, is nothing you have not heard on their previous releases, but by no means I gonna hold it against them. I somehow knew what to expect and I got what I wanted. The music is still strongly NYHC influenced, bringing to mind bands like Agnostic Front or Madball. I mean, the title says it all, right? After latest Terror album, this is another brilliant tribute to Raybeez and his music and legacy. That’s all about good old school values in life - brotherhood, self respect, loyalty, perseverance, hardcore and tattoos. That’s what it is about – we all love when hardcore bands go more serious on what’s happening in the world, but I guess sometimes it’s also important what kind of person you want to be and how you want to live your life. It’s hard to point out a single best track. I definitely dig the title track, with a catchy chorus and strong vibe in general. Blue Blood Warrior and Egomaniac are also killer tracks, definitely something you want to smash faces to. Not to mention fast, pissed off songs like Revenge Day or My Life/My Rules, with up tempo beat and sing along craziness. Definitely a solid release from a great band!

Review by Dloogi
Label: WTF Records