Cornered - Fuck Off

Wow. No big adjectives or obscure words here. Just "wow". This shit is impressive. Taking a push from NYHC crossover like Leeway, mixing in some present day like Mind Eraser and Rival mob and Terror; but mostly i would liken this to Shipwreck and Living Hell and the most apropos comparison - which coming from me is the biggest compliment - is Palehorse. They sound very similar and i am the most grateful for that. I loved Palehorse. and all that mentioned, this band is from Holland. Anyway, in the landscape of today's hardcore, Cornered stands out. even though i was quick to throw some "For Fans Of..." names, these guys have a distinct sound. Heavy. Cornered however 'influenced' by metal tendencies, definitely stand strong on the hardcore side of the metal core label. I mean can you hear the late 80's crossover compared to 7 Seconds or Uniform Choice? Of course.

but the rhythms pummeling through your speakers are for the moshers. the pit will be satiated. Check the bass intro to the song "Fuck Off". Agnostic Front could have written that. Your ears get cohesive attack from all members and their instruments. Vicious, seething screams from the vocals spit condemnation and warning to this fucked up world. Again, to draw on similarities to Palehorse, there are lyrics of world collapse, illuminati, secret societies in control and the like. Musically, the sharp riffs and quick drums never let you rest. This shit is fast and time changes galore keep you on your toes. and swinging your fists. There is a bounce and the EuroHC sound is in there; which harkens the NYHC love again. this band is so good. "Betrayal" is stand out - so fast! and then the breakdown would be sure to bring down any venue. "Lies" is of the same ilk, crushing riffs sped up forcing all in ear shot swear allegiance and start kicking and punching. i truly can not get enough of this ep - bring on the full length! fo real - this is a refreshing change to some of the formulaic HC out now. and as i said, they ain't re-inventing the wheel, just bringing a sound that is powerful and invigorating. this is on the soundtrack to change and revolution, no doubt. It has the speed, the fury, the hate, and the energy to remain steadfast amid the chaos.

6131 Records, 2011
Review by Hutch from Empty Hands blog