Dead Man's Chest - Hateline

The debut full length from the UK-based evil mongers, Hateline, picks up where band’s debut EP left off but first thing that hit me is how fatter and more forcing it sounds. First of all, the production is way better, giving these songs the beefy sound they deserve. The song writing is more complex, but still they focus on the right elements giving a music a vibrant and dynamic feel. The overall mood of the album is rather dark, which reflects best within the lyrics. Hateline explores themes of hate, contempt and disgust across ten songs of dirty heavy-ass hardcore. But instead of focusing on mental horrors and dramas, the band presents more down to earth approach in the lyrics which totally works for me.

The album sticks to mid-to-fast tempos most of the time and is proof that the best way to play hardcore is often by keeping it dirty and straight forward. This type of music is supposed to make impact by its sheer force not technical wankery, simple as that. That’s why I can connect to Dead Man’s Chest music, it’s abrasive and filthy brand of hardcore but far from generic or clich√©. They take some influences from Clevo sound, but are far from just another band jumping on Holy Terror bandwagon. There’s also a surprising cover included as a bonus track but I am not going to spoil the fun, you have to check it for yourself. All I can say it’s probably the first band I hear to cover that track and they do the song a justice. Awesome stuff!

I can’t not mention that the artwork done by Janusz Kozak from Gore77 is great as always and overall Hateline is a good example of how the CDs should be released. While the front cover is not that impressive, the booklet got all the lyrics, horror-themed artwork and high quality band photos put together in very stylish way.

Before I wrap up, some extra knowledge. I don’t think it’s that much important fact about the band but Dead Man’s Chest consist mainly of Poles living in UK, some of them previously active in couple of pretty decent bands back in their home country. Most notably, the bassist Michu used to play for 1125, one of my all time favorite hardcore acts. Drummer, Andy Edge, used to play in Pignation, probably the only power violence band I listen to. If hardcore from Eastern Europe is still exotic to you, you need to check out both of these bands.

Seventh Dagger
, 2011
Review by Dloogi