Ghost X Ship - Cold Truth

Good hardcore doesn’t have to be too fancy. All it takes is substance, sharp delivery and some hard-hitting lyrics. And that’s what Ghost Ship delivers with its debut release. Cold Truth contain all the necessary elements that make a solid hardcore album, from raging guitars to seriously pissed off vocalist to insane breakdowns, all executed with a vivid flow and passion. The album’s sound is loosely possessed of the early Hatebreed or Throwdown but for the most part they keep it pretty fresh and avoid clichés. With no unnecessary tricks, distractions and experiments, I guess it’s the realness and commitment felt in those songs which are essential to what makes it work as a whole.

My favorite songs must be Enough, with very well crafted arrangement and catchy hook at the chorus. Monster of a song! On the production level, the album sounds just as it should – not too much raw, not too polished either.

When you pick a Seventh Dagger release you basically know what to expect messagewise and Ghost Ship is no exception. They take a strong and uncompromising straight edge stance but are pretty creative about how they get the message across. While some songs are more on the positive side describing band’s commitment to living a sober life, other will take you to the depths of the dark world of addiction and degeneration. The aforementioned Enough reminds us that addiction is not only about drugs and alcohol but it can affect a person on many different levels. Especially when money is involved, mass media and big corporations will go out of their way to fill your head and body with crap. As a person who tries to make conscious decisions about what to eat and what to buy, I can totally relate to the message in this song. And if you’re ain’t doing it, maybe you should? Everyone got a right to live their live as they want to but being smart is probably one of the best options.

To sum it up, Cold Truth holds all the tricks that make a good hardcore album. If you’re into stuff that’s heavy and aggressive, but still does not lack passion, don't sleep on this.

Seventh Dagger, 2011

Review by Dloogi