Irish Voodoo set off pre-orders for Desensitized , CodeXred and KDC

crjacketproofmcw-11-150x150Irish Voodoo Records has launched pre-orders for new seven inches from CodeXred, KDC, and Desensitized. Each release comes with different set of colors and with CD which contains all the songs.


2011 finds Desensitized well-poised to capitalize on the lack of young, fast, pissed-off NYHC bands who actually call NYC home. Already planning their first Midwest tour, they show no signs of slowing down. Their 2010 demo was released as a limited-run cassette tape by Section 8 Records (based in Cape Cod), which quickly sold out of the original pressing. A 2nd pressing was commissioned, and shortly thereafter, the band was contacted by Southern California’s Irish Voodoo Records, who agreed to release Desensitized’s first 7-inch record in the fall of 2011.


CodexRed is a straight edge hardcore band coming out of Reno, Nevada. CodexRed is Alex Haller – Vocals, Adam Farnsworth – Bass, Adam Chism – Guitar, Brian Bernard – Guitar, and Brian Vega- Drums. Starting about 2 years ago with a slightly different line up, but with the same goals, play a lot of shows, have a lot of fun, and get out of town as often as possible. In the Summer of 2010 CodexRed recorded a 4 song demo that has received a lot of positive feedback and they are anticipating the release of 5 new song 7″ vinyl in 2012.


KDC was formed in 2005 in Yauco, Puerto Rico. After a number of demos, local shows, and line up changes throughout 2006 and 2007, they went to record Epidemic Ambition, which was released on Southground Records in 2008. KDC toured the east coast of the United States in the summer of 2009 and in the summer of 2010. After coming back from tour, KDC went on to record a seven song EP called “Good Mourning” which was self released in October 2010. After releasing their EP, Casper and Juanki decided to leave Puerto Rico and continue KDC in Buffalo, NY to be able to tour and make music freely and more consistently. While in Buffalo, KDC recorded a three song demo and added two new members from the local area. KDC creates raw, emotional and passionate music that strives not to fall in into any typical genre. ”I was handed a demo of KDC and was hooked the first time Heard this music come out of my speakers” ” One of the best demos of 2010″ Joey VooDoo.